Olympic Week: Olympia


The Olympics start this week. We will do a theme this week showcasing good olympic cover design. Now I am not one to really come down hard on another designer, what is art to one, is trash to another. However, I was surprised to see how little art is put into these olympic books. There are great and wonderful designs, but it seems like, especially in the biography genre of Olympic athletes, that the designs seem to be largely geared towards the mass market, and middle of the road. Surprising, because of the very interesting nature of athletics, and the long history of the olympics. History including drug scandals, terrorism, and the rise of fascism in Europe, which lead to World War II.

Which brings us to our first cover. Olympia. A book taken from the film of notorious filmmaker Leni Reifenstahl. Its a controversial choice for a controversial director. Leni Reifenstahl never fully admitted to her involvement and her influence and full impact of her filmmaking that lead the the rise of Nazism in Germany. Admittedly, she was a visionary director, but her images fueled the iconography of Hitler’s germany. She was a propagandist, and she never fully accepted her role.

Very nice typography on the cover.

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