The Warriors


The author, Sol Yurick died yesterday, while not in the league of any of the great authors, The Warriors was a movie that scared and fascinated me as a child. I found this pretty awesome cover of the book. I love the old style illustration.

A later one, that I think is pretty evocative of the pulpy quality of the book/movie.

I guess this guys supposed to look tough, but he just looks old to me.

This one references the silver screen’s OTHER gang melodrama. A strange choice, since there were hundreds of gang movies that were not musicals, but I guess they wanted to draw a contrast. The typography screams of the era. I can easily see this as a selection in those catalogues we used to get at school and be able to order books, delivered to our class.

This cover makes the book seem like an expose of gang violence, not the cartoon comic book movie it became.

And Finally, the cover that’s basically the DVD/video box art. Uninspired, muddy, poorly photoshopped.

The Warriors never reached a point in our culture that it became a part of the national memory, but it was one of the first cult movies. A movie that scared me when it was rented for me and my friend by a parent that wasn’t paying close attention to the rating, or just didn’t care. A silly movie, but a very stylish one.

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